Are You A Handmade Crafter? [What You Need To Know]

We all know that the most popular place handmade crafters go to to sell their creations, is Etsy. Now as Etsy is a dynamic marketplace, it does have certain limitations.

Introducing Web Design Love. Web Design Love has a special package specifically for handmade crafters whereby crafters can receive a free website with the domain name of their choice and accompanying email address and only pay a small percentage of each sale that is made.

Crafters can conveniently look at their website, complete their sign-up form and get a response from them within 24 hours.

After signing up with Web Design Love, they will send you an invitation to their Slack workplace where communication is made a breeze, confirming all product descriptions, prices and shipping policies. 

If one needs social media profiles set up for your crafting business, Web Design Love can help with that too!

Wow, this definitely sounds like an opportunity to get your hands (or craft) on!  

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