4 Of Our Favorite House, M.D. Mementos (TV Series Tokens)

How can we ever forget ‘ballie’? The tennis ball that is more faithful than any other and is always there when one needs to think. Or as Wilson puts it in Season five:

“Cuddy: Other doctors actually use their offices for crazy stuff like seeing patients. Not throwing a ball against the wall and calling it work. Wilson: It’s his process. That ball saves lives”. Couldn’t have said it better!

The relationship between House and Wilson, is not only endearing, but sometimes the favorite part of the show.

From beginning to end, Wilson was the constant relationship in House’s life and practice. Amid a few friendship breaks, Wilson and House knew each other maybe better than anyone else … 

Who would ever forget the first rule of Dr. House’s practice? Everybody lies (and sometimes, “They’re all morons”).

The philosophy that everybody (including House himself) lies, is one of the best elements of the very popular House, M.D. show, to try and figure out why everyone lies, because as House puts it, “Everybody has a reason”.

Indulging in the House M.D. legend, this cap is definitely a souvenir I would tell generations after me about. 

The brilliantly written character portrayed by Hugh Laurie is absolutely a series that not only be remembered by all its followers, but is still daily cherished by some of us who still watch it on a daily basis. We won’t mention any names though … 

Dr. House will not only forever live on in our memories, but will remain our ‘go to’ series for everyday entertainment, relaxation and enjoyment. Now, how to skip those clinic hours …  

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